【The honor of Chang Family】


[The way to achieve 200 Gold Medals]

 At the beginning of this year, we met Chang Shen Kai, and known that coach Chang guide the goals for children, and bring the great proformance for our country.In May, Ting Ting and Chia Hao won the gold medals at each group in Wuxi, China. Achieved the proud record of Chang Family's 200 Gold Medals.
The Vice President of Relaxone, also shared the glory with Chang Family at that time.


Chang Family’s first gold medal started in 2009, Chang Jia Jia won the a kids sprint race at Yilan.
Further, the whole family was fully participate in the Iron Man competition, f
ollowed by Chang Ting Ting and Chang Jia Hao also continued to win gold medals.
Just in 10 years, they achieve 200 gold medals at home and abroad.

Behined the seemingly successful achievements. It is actually an unimaginable training that ordinary people.

"Training can't be soft, and you have to endure harder."

Laurels and gold medals are the highest glory and goal for athletes.
Chang Shen Kai was a professional cyclist who understands this matter.
Therefore, as a father, it is even more difficult to relax training for his children.

Coach Chang specially invited Relaxone to participate in the 200 Gold ppresentation on 7/3.
Being able to share with this pleasure is really honored.
We will continue to give support to Chang Family in the future. Let them pursue the way of 300 Gold Medals without any worries.
And create more amazing achievements for Taiwan!


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