Origin of brand


There are thousands of handle products. Different demands make rider to consider different choices. Someone is striving for advanced control. Someone enjoys wandering leisurely. Come on, It does not need to be complicated!


Relaxone is committed to providing a multifunctional of handlebar tape/grip, and can be adjusted to the rider's need and combining the requirement of professional and leisure.

We don't just need to create the most streamlined handlebar tape/grip to satisfy the riders, but also to reduce commercial waste pollution. Our vision is to create an carefree riding environment, easily ride and enjoy life!

Silicone Feature

Silicone products on the market today, such as 3C components, food packaging, medical equipment, etc., the application of silicone is extensive. Further study of silicone, these applications are to satisfy certain “stability.”

Silicone has highly stability, such as weather resistant, anti-UV, waterproof and other features that proved the superiority of durable. Even after exposure to sun and raining outdoor, silicone is still tough!

  • Weather resistant
  • UA resistant
  • waterproof
  • heat durable

Except stability, silicone is non-toxic, non-contain heavy metal, and is recognized as the most eco-friendly material. It iswidely used in advanced countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan, and replacedplastic products.

For handlebar product, the key is functionality. The feature of silicone is excellent flexibility that enhanced bar tape with shock absorption and pleasing handle to increase comfort at cycling. Moreover, superior resilience can be easily adjusted the thickness that in accordance with rider’s demand.

Silicone products used in the bicycle arereally perfect match! Relaxone bar tape is a really stability, eco-friendly and affordable product. Just relax. Let’s ride together freely together.